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CPAP Not Working? An Oral Surgeon In Denver Can Provide Sleep Apnea Relief

March 21, 2019

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Frustrated man trying to sleep An estimated 25% of the population has sleep apnea, which impacts overall health in many serious ways. Not to mention that this common condition leads to feeling tired and cranky every day! Non-invasive treatment options are always recommended first, but what if they don’t work? In these cases, an oral surgeon in Denver can perform a procedure to open the airway so you can breathe better and rest easy at night. Learn more about this condition and how it can be treated below, and take the first step towards better health and more energy!

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea can be defined as breathing that frequently stops and starts while sleeping. These pauses can last 10 seconds or longer and occur up to 30 times or more every hour.

There are different types of sleep apnea, the most common being obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This simply means that the airway is being obstructed or blocked.

Why does this happen? When you fall asleep, the soft tissues in your mouth and throat like your tongue, adenoids, and tonsils become very relaxed. The airway can become blocked, causing frequent interruptions to your sleep.

How Does Sleep Apnea Affect Your General Health?

First, chronic daytime fatigue impacts your performance at work, mood, and relationships. In terms of your physical health, studies have shown that sleep apnea also increases the risk of:

  • Stroke
  • Impaired memory or cognitive function
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Sexual dysfunction

In fact, some doctors even estimate that obstructive sleep apnea triples a person’s risk of early death.

Why Is An Oral Surgeon Uniquely Qualified To Treat Sleep Apnea?

When treating any kind of health condition, it makes sense to begin with the least invasive option possible. For sleep apnea, that means an oral appliance or CPAP machine.

Unfortunately, these treatments aren’t effective for everyone. In these cases, an oral surgeon can perform a surgery to unblock the airway and allow you to get a full night of restful sleep every night.

Oral surgeons are highly-trained specialists that are experts in any kind of surgery involving the oral cavity. In addition to completing dental school, oral surgeons also complete an intensive 4-6 years of additional medical training and a surgical residency to get their M.D. (Medical Doctor) as well.

Without effective sleep apnea treatment in Denver, this condition can have devastating consequences on someone’s overall health and quality of life. And, when other treatment options don’t work, oral surgeons are extremely well-qualified to provide an effective surgical solution.

This procedure only has to be done once, but will improve your health and sleep quality for the rest of your life!

About the Author

Dr. Randolph C. Robinson is a highly-respected oral surgeon in Denver with decades of experience. He truly hopes that his patients with sleep apnea can be treated with non-invasive options. But, when that’s not possible, he provides effective alternatives that give his patients their quality of life back. If you have sleep apnea and haven’t found relief from oral appliances or CPAP machines, you can contact Dr. Robinson with questions via his website.

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