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Do Dental Implants Look Natural? Learn from an Oral Surgeon!

April 16, 2020

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An older couple with dental implants in Denver smiling outside.

Dental implants have an incredible amount of versatility, not only because of their function, but their appearance as well. One of the most common questions that oral surgeons get about dental implants in Denver is whether or not they will look natural once they are placed. When placed by a professional, dental implants can be entirely indistinguishable from natural teeth. Even if there are no teeth left in the top or bottom arch, tooth replacements can still look like a natural part of your appearance. Keep reading to learn how!

Dental Implants Look Natural, Regardless of the Tooth

You may wonder if your smile will ever look natural again after losing a tooth or multiple teeth. Here’s the good news: dental implants look almost identical to natural teeth, regardless of which teeth you need to replace. That means if you have missing anterior teeth (i.e. canines, incisors, etc.), which would be clearly visible in your smile, you won’t have to worry about them sticking out like a silver filling or metal crown would.

Furthermore, dental implants not only look incredibly natural once they are placed, but they feel nearly identical to natural teeth as well. Since they undergo a process known as osseointegration, where the titanium post integrates with your bone tissue, even you might forget which teeth are implants and which are natural!

Customizing Dental Implants to the Patient’s Needs

Implant dentistry is just as much an art as it is a science. Choosing the right implant type and ceramic material is crucial to ensuring that the tooth replacement is not obvious in your smile. This means confirming that the ceramics used to create the implant crown are made with the size, shape and color in mind.

It’s also important to make sure that the implants are not visible through the skin, which is often a concern for older dental implant patients. This means the surgeons will need to pay close attention to the type of implants they use.

Utilizing Dental Technology at Every Phase

Choosing an oral surgeon who has the right expertise is important, but so is choosing one with the right technology. Making your dental implants last and look natural for decades begins with significant treatment planning. For example, oral surgeons will make use of:

  • Digital impression technology (for detecting potential issues, infections and bone density underneath the skin)
  • Computer-guided surgery (for inserting the implant posts as accurately as possible, ensuring your implants stay in place and look natural, especially next to neighboring teeth)
  • Advanced milling machines (for creating implant crowns that look indistinguishable from natural teeth)

Even if you’re still feeling unsure about dental implant treatment, visiting an oral surgeon in Denver can make a big difference! Get in touch with one today to learn even more about the implant process!

About Altitude Oral & Facial Surgery

Dr. Fangman and Dr. Ivey have over a decade of combined experienced in the field of oral surgery and are both highly trained to place single and multiple dental implants. Their keen eye for esthetics ensures that your next tooth replacement looks incredibly natural, no matter how severe your tooth loss may be. To schedule an appointment, you can contact them through their website.

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