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General Anesthesia – Denver, CO

Sleep Through Your Surgery

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At Altitude Oral and Facial Surgery, our goal is to do more than perform procedures that improve your oral and overall health. We also have a strong focus on patient comfort; the last thing we want is for our patients to leave our office feeling like they had a bad experience. That is one of the reasons why we offer several levels of sedation, including general anesthesia. This powerful form of sedation dentistry in Denver is a valid option for many of our patients.

How General Anesthesia Works

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Don’t confuse general anesthesia with IV sedation. Although both types of sedation can be delivered intravenously, when we talk about IV sedation, we’re usually referring to medications that induce a sort of “twilight sleep.” General anesthesia, on the other hand, is more powerful and may be administered via an IV or through inhalation. Instead of producing a twilight sleep, it induces complete unconsciousness. When you’re under general anesthesia, you will not be able to feel pain, and you will be totally unaware of what is happening around you.

Many practices in our area do not offer general anesthesia because it requires a high level of training in order to administer it both safely and effectively. However, our team has the skills necessary to use this form of sedation to help your operation go as smoothly as possible.

Who Should Use General Anesthesia?

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We don’t recommend general anesthesia for everyone. For most of our patients, a lighter form of sedation is able to produce the calming effects they need without inducing total unconsciousness. When we’re preparing for your surgery, we’ll discuss sedation options with you and make a recommendation that we believe best fits your circumstances.

We might recommend general anesthesia for patients who:

  • Are extremely fearful about their surgery
  • Are unable to sit still for long periods of time (such as young children or individuals with certain medical conditions)
  • Need to undergo extensive or multiple procedures

Are There Any Risks Associated with General Anesthesia?

We’ll monitor your vital signs throughout your procedure to ensure your safety. Complications with general anesthesia are extremely rare, especially when it is administered by a team of well-trained professionals. Before your surgery, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation to determine the specific types of medications needed and the amount of anesthetic necessary to produce unconsciousness but not pose a threat to your well-being.

Some individuals experience side effects following general anesthesia, but these are usually mild and short-term. For example, you may be quite groggy as you wake up. Some people may be a little dizzy, feel cold, or experience nausea. Because the effects of general anesthesia can take several hours to wear off, it is important that you have a friend or family member available to drive you home after your surgery.

Would you like to learn more about general anesthesia and our other sedation options? Contact our office today. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and schedule your consultation with an oral surgeon in Denver.