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Soft Tissue Trauma – Denver, CO

Helping Your Face to Heal

Man next to car accident with soft tissue trauma in Denver

A soft tissue injury on your face is a serious matter. Not only can it have a big impact on your facial aesthetics, but it may also affect the way your facial muscles function. Receiving care from a qualified medical team is essential for getting your health back on track and restoring your appearance to the extent possible. At Altitude Oral and Facial Surgery, we are ready and willing to play a key role on your road to recovery.

Treatments for Soft Tissue Facial Injuries

Oral surgeon and patient greeting each other with handshake

We approach each case with a personalized, analytical approach. Depending on the nature of your facial trauma, you may need one of the following treatments:

  • Well-placed sutures can make your recovery as fast as possible and help to minimize scarring.
  • Tissue grafts. Grafts can help to replace damaged tissue, such as gum tissue. Grafting material may come from another part of your own body or from a donor.
  • Cosmetic enhancements. We offer several different surgeries that are designed to improve facial aesthetics.

Whatever type of treatment you receive, you can be sure that we will do our best to make you comfortable during your procedures. We offer multiple types of sedation, and our team has a soothing, compassionate approach to care.

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon to Treat Soft Tissue Trauma?

Medical professionals collaborating to provide best treatment for patient

Many people make the mistake of thinking that oral surgeons only perform advanced dental procedures. While we do offer treatments like wisdom tooth remove, dental implant placement, ad more, we have a much broader scope. Oral surgeons must go through extensive training, so we have an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy. That means we are thoroughly familiar with how to treat injuries in a way that has the lowest risk possible of interfering with the nerves, salivary glands, or other essential components of your face and mouth.

Also, we are able to offer comprehensive treatment for facial injuries. That is important because in many cases, an accident causes both hard and soft tissue damage. We are able to create treatment plans that address both types of problems in the most efficient and conservative way possible. When necessary, we partner with other local specialists to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care during every phase of their treatment journey.

What to Expect with Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

Patient and doctor talking after successful soft tissue injury treatment

You may receive initial care for your injury at a local emergency room. After they have stopped the bleeding and rendered initial treatment, you can come to an oral surgeon in Denver for follow-up care. We’ll analyze the injury to determine whether it caused nerve damage or any other serious problems. Then, we will design your treatment plan. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way, answer your questions, address your concerns, and be a pillar of support for you as you heal.

Would you like to learn more about how we address soft tissue facial injuries? Contact our team today.